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If you’d like the guidance of an experienced professional, if you’d like to pick my brains to learn all the industry tricks and secrets, drop me a line, or sign up to the group today.

Not every lesson ends when the bell rings.

When you join the DSLR Guru VIP the learning continues for as long as you need.

For a monthly fee of £39 you’ll be able to access a full library of available learning resources and training tools anytime you want. You’ll also be the focus of ongoing mentorship and advice.

I can help you master a specific field of interest or add depth to your overall skills

I believe that inside every photographer, there is a better photographer waiting to emerge. I make it my mission to help every VIP member build a portfolio of stunning work.

When we work together, we’ll bring out your best.

If you’d like the guidance of an experienced professional, if you’d like to pick my brains to learn all the industry tricks and secrets, drop me a line, or sign up to the group today.

What do I get as a facebook

DSLR Guru VIP member?

  • Hot seats
    Regular one-to-one training sessions with me conducted via live stream.
  • Meet up days
    Individual members take turns hosting a group meeting at a location of particular interest.
  • Expert interviews
    I call upon a contact list built up over twenty years to conduct interviews with working professionals and experts from every related field including retouchers, art directors, agents and photographic company representatives.
  • The Vault
    Private access to my full library of training resources.
  • Critique-it Friday
    The group come together online to share thoughts and opinions about an individual image.
  • Industry news
    Keep up to date with the trends shaping photography.
  • VIP discounts
    Get 10% off any of my training courses.
  • 9 things
    9 tips to mastering different skills and topics.
  • Buying advice
    Become thoroughly informed before you splash the cash.
  • Projects – Put skills to the test with practical challenges and exercises.
  • Competitions
    Pit yourself against fellow members to win regular prizes and the ultimate accolade, DSLR Guru photographer of the year.
  • Practical training
    Updates about upcoming classes and training sessions.
  • Live Q&As
    Ask working professionals anything you like and get insights from people at the top of their game.
  • Fee Gift
    As a reward for signing up, you’ll get all my Lightroom pre-sets complete with installation instructions.
  • Ask me
    Got a question? Ping me anytime. Anything for my VIPs.

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Do you know your Avedon from your Leibovitz?

If you’re passionate about photography, if you want to connect with professionals and obsessed amateurs, our FB group could become your favourite online hang out.

As well as being able to ask me anything about the business, I offer the group live training, live Q&A sessions with working professionals and regular competitions. You can sign up right now for free.

A free gift for new members

Everyone that signs up to the DSLR FB group receives my Five step Blueprint to Photography.

Refined over years in the business, this beginner’s course sets out the five principles every photographer needs to build a solid foundation.

In videos and written content, you’ll learn about shutter speeds, apertures, iso, light readings and editing. Join the group and get your copy for free.

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