Ultimate Animal Experience


Do you want to take shots that would make Attenborough go weak at the knees? Are you looking to make that leap from happy cat snapper to professional wildlife photographer? To introduce you to the skills needed, we throw you in at the deep end. This course brings you nose to nose with a Bengal Tiger.

In tandem with your photographic coach, teaching is assisted by a passionate campaigner for the Tiger who will guide through the incredible experience of hand feeding the planet’s most beautiful predator. To ensure an undisturbed, intimate wildlife experience, the course is held in a Zoo closed to the public.

In addition to photographing a tiger at distances of less than one inch, you’ll be working in an aviary surrounded by more than one hundred parrots and brushing up close to a family of inquisitive meerkats in their sanctuary.

To cap the end to a perfect evening, sessions always end with fish and chips!

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Sunday July 14th Boston

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