Creative Lighting for Weddings Masterclass


Learn how to give the ultimate wedding present. Photographs that make the lucky couple look their absolute best. For a wedding photographer lighting is critical. You could call this a masterclass in visual flattery.

The course is led by two coaches, an experienced wedding photographer and a fashion photographer. Together you will delve deep into the tricks and benefits offered by different lighting techniques and equipment.

You’ll emerge from the course as a manipulator of light, able to bring intimacy to a portrait, and elegance to a disco floor. You’ll be a photographer with the power to make brides look beautiful.


Topics covered

– Practical experience shooting with stand-in bride and groom.
– Getting the best from flash lighting.
– Using daylight and reflectors to create perfect portraits.
– Overpowering sunlight to use flash as main light source.
– Avoiding shadows under a midday sun.
– Setting cameras to achieve high key backlight images.
– Shooting the first dance without lights ruining the shot.
– Using multiple speed lights in ETTL and manual code.
– Using power flashlights to create contemporary,
editorial images.
– Camera setting and equipment choices.
– White balance settings.
– Directing the bride and groom.
– The psychological tricks of great portrait shots.

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