Beginner’s Masterclass


Our beginner’s masterclass introduces the technical building blocks every great photographer needs.

At the end of the course you will be able to pick up any camera, and take stunning shots using manual settings.

Highly practical, every lesson is followed by a real-life exercise to show you how to turn theory into practice. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to sling that hefty instruction manual.

You will be master of every function, equipped with the technical foundation needed to begin your journey as a ‘proper” photographer. Let the framing begin.


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You did your research?

The price made you hesitate, but you took the leap and finally got yourself a serious camera. Or maybe you persuaded someone to get it for you.

Either way, you now own a glorious beast of a machine primed with more functions than a wedding venue. You’ve read the manual.

A bit like a Ferrari parked in a garage, you know what it can do, but you’ve yet to experience the full potential. If the truth be told, you haven’t ventured beyond the automatic settings. If only there was a quick way to master the basics?

Topics covered

– ISO settings
– Apertures
– Shutter speeds
– White balance
– Camera modes
– Depth of field
– Metering options

– Memory cards
– Lenses
– Crop factor
– Light readings
– File formats
– Filters

Additional information
Date and Location

September 14th Stamford 2019, October 12th Stamford 2019

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