Finally understand how to use professional studio equipment with simple step by step instructions and demonstrations.

Work with a professional model and use the images for your own portfolio.

Learn lighting techniques personally handed down by some of the world's most influential photographers.

The DSLR GURU flash lighting guide is also included, a 100 PDF document full of 1-3 lighting diagrams and camera settings with creative pictures for you to copy.

The workshop is divided in to 3 phases:

Phase one: Learn the core principles of flash lighting equipment and the camera settings needed to produce high quality studio images with a hands-on demonstration. You will learn in detail how to set up and use different lights and light modifiers.

Phase two: Is a fully hands on practical phase where you will be photographing a professional model. You will be guided through multiple lighting set ups for both male and female subjects and how to use lighting modifiers to control the light for different results. You will also be given the chance to use a medium format Phase one camera.

Phase three: A Q&A session ends the day with a look at your final images.

Workshop timing: 10:30 – 3:30

Portrait Masterclass

Date and Location:

The Workshop Covers

How to set up studio lights and equipment Multiple Lighting set ups
Lighting for male and female subjects How to use lighting attachments to control light
How to pose a person Relevant camera settings



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