Discover the core principles:  Understanding the fundamental principles of low light is essential for getting to grips with what can seem a challenging process. If you miss some of these critical factors, you'll struggle from the start.

Specific camera settings:  Uncover what's needed when taking long exposures and low light images. Be confident that your camera is set up correctly to achieve the best possible results.

Take stunning pictures: Get the wow factor from your friends and family as you show them beautiful low light images.

The Workshop is divided into three parts:

First Part: Starting with a demonstration, you will learn how to capture car trails alongside focusing tricks for pin-sharp images.

Second Part: We proceed to a graveyard where you will be taught how to paint with light using a tungsten torch and learn how to shoot a ghosting effect that will bring your images to life!

Third Part: The final phase is learning how to build a makeshift fireball system and the safest way to use it. Taking turns capturing these stunning images, you will be shown how to assess the exposure using your camera's histogram.

Workshop timing: 18:00 - 21:00 

Night Photography Workshop

Date and Location:

The Workshop Covers

Car trails Painting with light
Ghosting effect Fire balls
Using Live view mode Focusing tricks for pin sharp images
Assessing the histogram Attendants will need a tripod to attend this workshop



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