This workshop is tailored specifically for Photographers who want to capture birds of prey. We will have a falconer will be with us throughout the day. You'll capture various static shots using species of birds, including Falcons, Owls, Hawks and Eagles. We will also capture the birds during the fantastic flying display. You'll be shown specific camera settings, tips, tricks, and unique techniques that can be used to capture these remarkable birds. 

Increase your confidence: You'll be shown how to capture birds in different situations. Most importantly, each set-up will be explained to you for a more in-depth understanding. 

Remember the techniques: You will no longer have to rack your brain to remember all the new techniques with easy to follow instructions and directions.

Take pictures you're proud of: With the right birds, conditions and tuition, you'll be taking images you'll be proud of. 

The workshop is divided into three parts:

First part: We will meet and choose which species of birds we want to photograph. You'll get tuition on what camera settings are best to use and some fun techniques to try out. We will photograph birds in flight across a large area, giving you plenty of opportunities to get the shots you want. 

Second part: After stopping for a buffet lunch, we will photograph the birds in flight during the flying display. This is a show you'll not want to miss. 

Third part: We will use a range of birds in different static positions to capture beautiful portraits. 

Workshop timing 10:00am - 16:00pm

Lunch included

Birds of prey workshop

Date and Location:

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Camera settings Lens choice
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