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How to mimic shallow depth of field using Adobe Photoshop

Discover how you can mimic a shallow depth of field that you get whilst using prime lenses using Ado

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How to retouch skin and change face structure using Adobe Photoshop 2022 & Imagenomic portraiture 3

In this video, I'll demonstrate my process of retouching skin and changing facial structure using Ad

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How to soften skin in Adobe Lightroom

Discover how to soften skin in Adobe Lightroom by using a gradient filter, range mask and colour ran

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How to use a High pass filter for selective sharpening in Adobe Photoshop

Selective sharpening is one of the best ways to draw attention to critical elements of your pictures

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How to use Gradient maps in Photoshop to colour grade images

Gradient maps in Photoshop are a superb way to colour grade images, and if you want a cinematic look

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