Never again be left feeling confused or frustrated. Discover my clear roadmap to photography.

Having a plan of action and an easy-to-follow step-by-step plan means you can concentrate on developing your photography skills. 


Simple and easy to implement.

Having the correct information is vital to your progression when that information is condensed into a simple and easy to understand format, your learning speed skyrockets.  


Revealed: 24 years of professional secrets.

With over 24 years as a professional fashion and advertising photographer trained by some of the world's leading photographers, you will discover some of the secrets I've uncovered through my career that have helped thousands of other photographers take award-winning images. 


The Workshop is divided into three phases:

  • You will discover how to use shutter speeds, apertures, and ISO. This will be in detail and include subsections that will help you continue to develop even after the Workshop.
  • An hour walk putting everything together, so you have a clear idea of capturing pictures in different scenarios. You will discover the step by step procedure taken before each image is captured.
  •  The final phase is a Q&A and advice on lenses, filters and more. You will also be shown how to take your photography learning to the next level.

Workshop timing: 10:30 – 3:30

Beginners Masterclass Workshop

Date and Location:

The Workshop Covers

Camera features and modes Apertures
Depth of field and the depth of field law Shutter speeds - The golden area and Bulb mode
ISO - How using this can help you take pictures in low light Noise - How it affects your images and what you can do about it
Smash the exposure triangle – The simple unique way to understand the basics Light meter and light readings
Highlight alert - know when your overexposing Focus modes
Focus area modes Crop factor
Lenses - What to use and all you need to know when buying one Metering modes - How to manipulate light
White Balance File format
Filters Fun techniques to speed up your reaction time
Memory cards and storage Workshop PDF's - For reference
Q&A Sessions - Have all your questions answered by James



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