A Brand New Online Program Tailored Specifically For Amateur Photographers Who Want To Understand The Foundation Of Photography, Get Off Auto And Start Shooting In Manual Mode Without All The Jargon. This program takes you from the very start of photography and progresses you all the way through to exporting your final images from Adobe Lightroom.

• Understand The Foundation Of Photography. Having a solid understanding of photography means you have the core training that is essential for growth. Never again be left feeling confused.

• Remember The Camera Settings. With simple and clear ways to remember the steps needed to take pictures, you will be ready for every photo opportunity.

• The Right Information At The Right Time. Having everything you need and at the right time is essential for development. Once you have completed a module you then move on to the next, each time building upon the previous. This helps slowly build your knowledge without it being overwhelming.

• Save Time. By having everything you need on hand. You will no longer need to research or watch hours of videos on Youtube wondering if you're getting the correct information.

• Increased Confidence. As you learn what makes a good image you will start to take pictures you're really proud of.


The Beginners Masterclass Online Program is delivered as a digital package with lifetime access so you can learn at your own pace. This includes 37 video tutorials and PDF's covering photography and editing with Adobe Lightroom.

Beginners Masterclass online



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